Jihlava město
Castingsport in Czech town Jihlava
Czech Angling Union prepared annual almanac for 50th anniversary of castingsport in Czechia/Czechoslovakia. Chief trainer Václav Musil collected memories of casting first steps in his town. Report is from 1984.
Castingsport of Jihlava was founded around 1970. That time Karel Steklík took care of sport activities in local angling association. The start was as hard as in other organizations - no basic equipment - so old tires became the targets. General fishing rods were used for casting, thin pipes were used as replacement of fly fishing lines. But there was know-how taken by Mr. Steklík from Jindřichův Hradec and it was enlarged by his self-study. Of course he started with young casters in area of association, later in area of local dockyard close to Jihlava river.
In 1973 Věra Čapková visited Jihlava. Her briefing and training exhibition at court of TJ Modeta helped local team for further skill growth. Amount of young casters increased and club was able to participate national competitions, but with no great success. Only individual casters were successful, especially Jiří Steklík, currently hockey goalie. The great results he had on the national part of Zlatá udice, in the part of casting.
Till 1976 the club was not participating all the competitions that were during years in Czechoslovakia. The reason was simple - really bad equipment and low quality of results. In 1976 new trainers came, like Václav Musil or Jiří Hromádko. In team of three trainers the quality of results grew. As almost all casters were till 15 years young, the work was focused on preparation for competitions for youth like Zlatá udice. The team was wining the rounds of district part of Zlatá udice and since 1980 it was on the top of union part. Last year son of trainer, Martin Musil, became a winner of national part of Zlatá udice and helped the union team to reach 2nd place in team competition. The biggest help was in casting part.
In 1981 there was special trainer course prepared in Klánovice, Mr. Musil and Mr. Hromádko participated. After final exam they became trainers of 3rd class. The base group grew and quality of training and competition results was increased. Girls and other casters from Jihlava became visible in all competitions. In 1982 Jihlava team in youth league reached 2nd place and in 2nd league of casting Jihlava reached 3rd place. In the same year team of South Moravia union was represented by 6 casters on national championship of castingsport. 5 casters from Jihlava were included in that group of 6 casters. In team competition boys reached 3rd place, girls were on 4th place. Casters Martin Musil and Roman Petr were also nominated for floating fishing competitions.
The biggest success of Jihlava casting was reached in 1984 when team advanced to 1st league. Again, Jihlava casters were almost the best in union competitions, Roman Petr reached third place, Karel Lehký, originally from Třebíč and hosting in Jihlava, was fourth. Martin Musil won national youth championship, Jihlava girls reached 3rd place in team competition.
In 1984 Jihlava team was 10th in first league, mostly because of bad results in spring part of competition. Jihlava lays on location where weather is making troubles with training. That year Jihlava was able to prepare two other teams for 2nd league, places in the middle and lower in competition rank. On national competition Martin Musil was on 2nd place very close to winner, girls Hana Hromádková and Renata Michálková were 3rd in girl team competition. In older youth championship team of South Moravia was 3rd in boys team competition and 4th in girls team competitions. In team of 6 casters the 4 of them were from Jihlava.
Jihlava also cooperate in competition organization. Several competition of union part of Zlatá udice were organized, as well as 2nd league of national championship. Also young talents training camp was organized by Jihlava. Since 1981 Jihlava is preparing its own competition "Jihlavský ježek" (hedgehog of Jihlava). Jihlava is preparing briefings about castingsport in district area and preparing training camp during summer. Currently Jihlava has 7 qualified trainers.
Situation of equipment is better now. Own manufactory of fly fishing reals, rods for all event, own rings of well quality and plugs. All had to be developed because of missing equipment on local market or low quality of what was available.
Great result of Jihlava casting could not be reached without enthusiasm of three trainers - Mr. Hromádko, Mr. Musil and Mr. Steklík - and great support of local angling association in deputy by Mr. Zabloudil, Mr. Bubal, Mr. Zapletal and Mr. Brož. Support of ODPM in Jihlava was great. Let's highlight the Mrs. Semerádová, Mr. Razima and the chief of organization - Mr. Stodolský.
What plans for future do we have? To prepare another representatives beside the Marin Musil, to win youth league and reach the 1st league for Jihlava again.
Václav Musil
Chief of casting Jihlava