Mucha Skish
Fly skish court
How the court for Fly accuracy was prepared in Petřvald by four people.

Fly skish is mostly prepared by four people as minimum. They take measuring tape for creating a triangle. One top is at upper middle front edge of the platform, the second top is 8 meters far on the left side and the third top is 13 meters far on the right. Sitting guy on the table hold beginning and end of the tape. Each distances are:

  • Upper middle front edge of the platform - 0 meters
  • On the left we have 8 meters
  • On the right we have 15.20 meters (8 meters plus 4*1.80 meters)
  • Upper middle front edge of the platform - 28.20 meters (15.20 plus 13 meters)


Fourth guy hands out targets for first and fifth position and takes the remaining three targets that shall be places in a line. The middle target shall be right against the table so fourth guy is checking if the position of third target is against the table. It is mark of 11.60 meters (8 plus 2*1.80 meters) what is checked.

If the position is correct, guys at the tops go down putting the tape only a few centimeters above placed targets at 8 and 15.20 meters.


During holding the tape taut, fourth guy places the middle target. Sitting guy is checking if the target is realy right against the table from his/her point of view. At this time it is still not a problem to move the tape to left or to right.

Target is place under mark 11.60 meters.


Having 3 targets placed in most cases we do not move with any then. Fourth guy can place another target. Does not matter which one it will be. We will put the last one a while after anyway.

In this case he/she places the fourth target. Placed under mark 13.40 meters (8 meters plus 3*1.80 meters).


Then the last target. In this case it is the second one placed under mark 9.80 meters (8.00 + 1.80). Then the court is ready.

Can happen that another person comes and thinks the table is not against the third target. If it is necessary, the table can be turnet a little bit. One or two centimeters difference of targets position is not so big problem during training time.

In fact, only distances between targets and table are important. If caster is alone for preaparing the court, he can just place the beginning of measuring tape on the top of table and place the targets to following distances:

  • 8 meters
  • 8.97 meters
  • 10.17 meters
  • 11.51 meters
  • 13 meters