Present Times
Everything goes some way.
Final Round of World Cup 2022
A special report in unorthodox point of view.
Training Camp of M-S district
Traditional week action of Moravian-Silesian district, visited by other casting clubs of other districts.
Training Camp of MRS
Traditional week action of Casting Kroměříž, visited by other casting clubs of Moravian Angling Union.
Carnivorous fish catching
Summer challenge for young fishers of Casting Jihlava club in catching carnivorous and salmon fish.
Youth Training Camp
A traditional week action in Štoky, focused on casting abilities of talented young casters.
Slovak Open
Traditional competition in Nové Zámky. We could not miss that event.
National Adult Championship
The most important competition of adult casters of Czech and Moravian Angling Associations. That time under Moravian Angling Association organization.
Grand Prix Czech Republic
65 casters from Czechia, Slovakia, Germany and Austria came to participate the last competition of June.
National round of Zlaté udice
The most significant competition for fishing children of Czech Angling Union and Moravian Angling Union. That time organized by South Bohemia District.
National Youth Championship
43 young casters came to Kdyně during Friday lunch time to fight for medals in juniors and boy and girl categories.
Memorial of František Mrkáček
Third Czech Cup competition, nominating for WC participation. Moving from north to south.
Gold Weekend
No casting competition in Czechia. But other actions during weekend. Especially Zlatá udice.
Regional round of ZU (casting & knowledge part)
Zlatá udice (Golden Line) consists of three parts - fishing, casting and theory. We fihisned the last two ones.
Silesian Cup
Second Czech Cup competition, nominating for WC participation.
Regional round of ZU (fishing part)
30 years passed since the last competition of Zlatá udice (Golden Line) in Jihlava. This year MRS, Jihlava member, prepared it again. That time just the fishing part.
Memorial of R. Niedermayer
First Czech Cup competition, nominating for WC participation.
Spring round of 1st and 2nd National League
First round of competition of ten 4-guys teams in first league and five teams in second league.
Spring round of League of Youth
First round of League of Youth with 11 teams. Hosted by Bohumín.
Allround Cup of Moravian Angling Union
The second outdoor competition of MRS, hosted by Velké Pavlovice that time.
Kroměříž Cup of Moravian Angling Union
Start of outdoor season 2022 traditionally at Kroměříž
Indoor league of south Moravia 2022
Jihlava caster participated all competitions of their own district.
Indoor casting grand slam of M-S district 2022
Jihlava casters participated all 4 competitions of north Moravia district.
Memorial of Jiří Smejkal 2022
Indoor competition hosted by Jihlava, named in honor of last casting trainer.
Casting of Jihlava 2021
Jihlava casters and their results during 2021 season.
World Championship 2021
Hungarian capital Budapest hosted world championship of men and ladies in castingsport for the year 2021. Two casters from north Moravia and Silesia district participated too.